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Camping at Fort Clinch, Florida


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The Campsite

Our 1995 Coleman Royale Camper.

Large campsites with barrier fence.


Two bikes fit nicely in the short bed.

Scenic road within the park.

Lots of rain that night.


The Fort

The "period" actor was an absolute riot!  He made the trip worthwhile.

This was actually an apartment for rent just outside the park.

A local B&B.  Notice that it is raised.

The new building code for the area requires all the homes to be raised to help with the tidal surge during hurricanes.  This house was in the process of being lifted.  There were many others along the beach front going through the same proce$$.

That's all for this trip!


For more information on the park, follow this link.

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Last updated March 22nd, 2001